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Lesson 4

Stress and Performance

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The Relationship between Stress and Performance

According to the inverted U theory, an individual will have an optimal performance under optimal level of arousal. The

greater the arousal, the greater the deterioration of the performance. Teacher can use daily examples such as,

examinations, sports competitions, and making a public speech to explain this relationship.


Stress Intervention -- Interpersonal

Asserting yourself

It is important for us to express ourselves and have the courage to say no when we should, yes when we want to. Discuss with the students the basic human rights and the traditional incorrect assumptions.


Communication skills will help people get along better with family, friends and co-workers with the result of being less stressful. To improve communication skills, we need to pay attention to both nonverbal and verbal communication.

Conflict resolution

We can easily resolve conflicts if we take time to listen to others, demonstrate an understanding of the person with whom we are in conflict, and try to work out alternative solutions.

Social support networking

Social support is a sense of belonging, being accepted, being loved or being needed. Social support usually can be provided by family members, friends, and lovers. Social support usually can protect an individual from the negative consequences of stress.

Perception intervention:

It is important to be positive and change the negative self-talks to the positive one. In addition, if we have negative thoughts, we need to use thought stopping technique to reorganize our thinking.

Time Management

If we can manage our time well, it can eliminate putting ourselves in stressful situations.

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